What the students have said

millinery course picture 1“If it’s good enough for the Queen Mother, it’s good enough for me”

“You can make a hat in your first lesson”

“I love the atmosphere”


millinery course picture 2“After my first class I was approached by a retail outlet to produce a Spring Collection. I knew I would be able to achieve this with Rose’s help”

“The millinery course been glorious - far exceeding my expectations. Rose has been most welcoming with her patience and warm disposition - not to mention her nimble fingers that have helped me a great deal - learning a tremendous amount. I look forward to more classes on my return to London. This has been a brilliant experience.”

“My family didn’t believe I made this hat”

millinery course picture 3“Rose has the ability to make you feel relaxed and confident. She is capable of giving each student individual attention, while keeping an eye on the rest of the class”